Notice of Privacy Practices

Compliance Hotline

Compliance Hotline

Buckelew employees shall adhere to the agency’s Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct, which includes reporting of Medi-Cal fraud, waste, and abuse. At Buckelew, we are diligent to ensure our agency meets all regulatory requirements as outlined by the California Department of Health Care Services, to ensure the protection of taxpayers, clients, and quality of care.

Anyone suspecting Medi-Cal fraud, waste, or abuse is to report this by contacting Quality & Compliance. You can call the Compliance Hotline at 415.419.2222 and or write to There shall be no retaliation against anyone making a report in good faith. Callers may remain anonymous if they choose.

More information is available here at the California Department of Health Care Services website about Reporting Medi-Cal fraud.


Please direct all requests for client records to, BPQ&

A completed ROI must accompany all record requests.

Please note: It may take up to 10 business days before a request can be fulfilled.

Por favor, dirija todas las solicitudes de registros de clientes a, BPQ&

Todas las solicitudes de registros deben ir acompañadas de un formulario de solicitud de información completado.

Tenga en cuenta que pueden transcurrir hasta 10 días hábiles antes de que se atienda una solicitud.