Happy New Year!

As another year unlike any other comes to an end, I am called to reflect on this point in time that we are collectively experiencing. For nearly two years, we have witnessed and lived through unprecedented times that have left many of us with feelings of fear, isolation and grief. And yet, through it all, our communities have risen to the occasion. Despite experiencing our own hardships, we have all witnessed thosewho have put aside their own needs in order to show up and support their neighbor.Those are the connections that unite and bond us, creating the strong current that carries us all and keeps us moving ahead.

In this time of natural transition, I am experiencing a joyful reflection that fills me with hope. As we focus on looking at the road ahead, 2022 offers challenges as well as opportunities to share our passion for impacting lives. Now more than ever, audiences across all divides are recognizing and acknowledging the significance of mental health awareness and the importance of access to services – for all. Buckelew Programs has been answering the call for help from thousands of individuals seeking to re-direct their livesfor over 50 years. For those experiencing addiction and mental health challenges, we provide services in the continuum of care, offering support in all stages of recovery – from relapse to independence.

Our mission has been mighty and the results of our services have been life-changing. Buckelews’ focal point has always been first and foremost our clients.In 2022, we are also broadening our profile in the counties we serve. This is the year that more community members than ever will learn about Buckelew Programs. Why? Because people want to support the amazing work that we’re doing. Because most people have a loved one who is experiencing some level of mental illness. Buckelew is a critical resource for individuals in the North Bay and now is the time to create more awareness in order to reach more people in need of our services. How do we plan to spread the word?

We are very excited to announce plans for our new inaugural fundraiser, ‘Bike4Buckelew: Access to Mental Health 4 All.’ The May 14 event is designed to celebrate Marin as the county that launched the internationalmountain bike movementand will offer something for all ages. Most importantly, the event will celebrate health, wellness and fun while creating more awareness and support of Buckelew’smental health and addiction programs.

Buckelew Programs was proud to participate in the inRESPONSE ceremony marking the first day of operations on January 11. Buckelew joins with the Santa Rosa Police and Fire Departments, NAMI, Catholic Charities, Humanidad and Sonoma County Behavioral Healthto comprise the multi-disciplinary team that responds to calls with a mental-health-first approach.

Buckelew Programs’ leadership is also transitioning this month, as Judy Kramer, Vice Chair, assumes the role of Board Chair and Doug Brown fulfillsthe role of Chair Emeritus for the duration of 2022. The Buckelew Board of Directors is working with the senior management team to complete the updated three-year strategic plan for the organization.

Overall, I believe you know that the real foundation and strength that defines Buckelew Programs has always been and will continue to be about the individuals that we serve. I am so proud to continue our collective journey of hope into this new year. Thank you to everyone who has supported our agency and believes in new beginnings.

Let’s all stay connected, taking care of ourselves and others and reaching out for support when needed. Whether you’ve been with Buckelew every step of the way or have just joined, we truly appreciate having you in our community.

Chris Kughn, LMFT
Chief Executive Officer