Athena House helps a person change their life beyond anything they could have imagined

Maggie’s Story
Meet Maggie

Ten years ago, my life changed drastically. That was when I walked through the doors of Athena House, via court order.

Before entering Athena House, I was broken, hopeless, desperate, selfish, and living solely for alcohol. I even felt unworthy of an opportunity to get help. I never thought my life could be anything other than what it was or had been. I never imagined I would be free from alcoholism. My family worried I would die, and slowly I lost my most meaningful friendships and distance grew between anyone with whom I had once been close.
But then, I was welcomed by a community of women suffering the same plight. I successfully completed six months of treatment at Athena House, six months of aftercare, and four months of sober living at Hope Village. I eventually began working at a large healthcare provider as a receptionist. I was later promoted as a supervisor, then as an operations manager for a multi medical and surgical specialty clinic and remain in this role, doing meaningful work in my community.

Athena House was the beginning of many sober days; good, bad, beautiful, ugly, painful, sad, angry, joyous and miserable. All of them have been free from alcohol and drugs, something I never dreamed possible. My life now is anything but perfect or close to it— riddled with life’s curve balls, grief, struggle and pain. But now, I can navigate challenges in the present, without alcohol.

Without Athena House, I would not be here, 10 years later, alive, well and successful in all my endeavors. Anyone can have a life that is meant for them without the struggle with alcoholism or addiction. Athena House makes it possible.

I never, ever thought it possible to be where I am today, be who I am and sober. Sometimes I think it’s a dream. Other times I forget how far I have come. I am a mother, a wife, a successful healthcare professional, a friend, and mentor. I live a meaningful existence. None of this would have been possible without Athena House, the women, counselors and volunteers. I owe everything to this community.

I am here today to demonstrate that healing, recovery and promise is within reach for the suffering addict and alcoholic. I am an example of it. Athena House gave me the opportunity to change and have a new life.