A life-saving journey of recovery

– Meet Vilay

Vilay had been using drugs since she was 15 years old. From the age of 19 to 34, she used meth daily. Her addiction led her to steal and do whatever she needed to support her habit, eventually causing her to lose her job and apartment. In 2016, Vilay was living on the streets and sleeping in her truck when she became pregnant.

Court-ordered rehab and the overwhelming maternal desire to gain custody of her son led her to Athena House, where she felt understood by women with shared experiences for the first time. “I’d never felt this safe. I was sleeping in a house where I was safe and fed, and I knew that drugs were not going to come around,” says Vilay. “I mean, the program saved my life, for sure.”

“Every day that I stayed there, I learned more about myself, and I learned more that I could be this wonderful mom, clean and sober, with a loving family to support me and the fellowship to support me,” says Vilay. “I thought, I can do this!”

And do this she did! Today, Vilay is the house manager of Hope Village’s Mommy and Me house, where she lives with her son. She says proudly: “I’m almost seven years sober!”