2020 End of year message from Chris Kughn, CEO, Buckelew Programs

Now, with the changing of the seasons, is a time for pause, reflection and gratitude. Our reflection will be a little different this year. The gratitude may be deeper, or harder to access, as so many families have sustained such profound losses. At Buckelew Programs, our hearts are with those of you who have lost family to the virus, homes due to fires and jobs because of Covid-19. This year has been hard.

What have we gained amidst this loss? So many of our cherished annual rituals have been missed or altered: birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, and now Thanksgiving.  Yet as the days and months have passed, many are gaining a deeper recognition that we are all connected and that we have an effect on each other’s lives—either by wearing masks, voting in elections, or choosing to be of service.

I invite you to join with us in whatever way feels meaningful to you, whether by making a donation or dropping into an online workshop for Survivors of Suicide. I truly believe that together—with conversation and compassion—we can affect movement for the greatest good and mental heath access for all as we build healthier lives and stronger communities.

With my deepest gratitude,


Chris Kughn
CEO, Buckelew Programs